About 406 Window Co.

At 406 Window Co. relationships drive our business. These relationships are developed from our owner, Brian Reay, and his own personal beliefs that have been in the industry for 35 years. Brian started his career as a young man taking home construction classes at the Career Center in high school.

He worked at Knox Lumber for 15 years starting at the bottom working up to management. In 1995, Brian saw an opportunity to start 406 Window Co. carrying on his experiences in building homes, management training, and customer service over to the new business adventure. Montana Window & Door has been family based since the beginning. His wife, Robyn, has supported him in management and marketing throughout the years and continues to be involved. The Reays have three grown children: Lynde, Aaron, and their youngest Austin. All the children have grown up helping in some way with 406 Window Co.

The Reay’s oldest; Lynde helped with office support during cosmetology school and now owns Vintage Hair Studio. She continues to be positive moral support for the family business and would jump in again if needed. View Page

In the summer of 2014, Brian and Robyn recruited their son, Aaron, who will continue the tradition and values for many years to come. Aaron’s background includes; an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, Freight Brokering, Land/Mobile Radio and NG911 consulting. Aaron brings additional value to our business with his experience and new perspective. Aaron has been involved with the family business off and on for many years helping his Dad with deliveries and installations. He fills the position for 406 Window Co. as the Residential and Commercial Consultant helping customers with replacement windows and doors. Aaron enjoys helping and educating customers with honest solution-oriented approaches. Brian and Robyn are pleased to have him on board with Montana Window & Door to carry on the family business.

Austin, the youngest of the three children, has helped with office support and deliveries throughout the last couple of years between his oversees travels and will continue to help during summers home from college.

406 Window Co. owes its past success and our future to our loyal builders who know that building quality homes requires high value products at competitive pricing. We personally service the homeowner, our builder’s clients, as we would want to be serviced. We have a “no homeowner left behind” attitude. For over 20 years, 406 Window Co. has been a true consultant to our customers. We ensure our customers are making the best choice in window options for their homes.

Also, we have developed long term relationships with quality window manufacturers, in which we have been using some for over 20 years. We look for companies who have a proven history of building quality windows or doors with companies who invest their earning into product development making their windows and doors better, not spend their money on advertising.

“406 Window Co. strives to have healthy working relationships with all our suppliers,
builders and homeowners. “ Brian and Aaron Reay