Sierra Pacific is an industry leader in technological advances. We use state of the art computerized scanning equipment to assure we are getting the highest yields from our raw materials. Whether in our sawmills or millwork plants, innovative equipment run by highly-skilled operators ensures that we utilize all available wood fiber.

World-Class Windows and Glass Alpen HPP fiberglass windows and doors use advanced, customized suspended coated film glazing to deliver windows with performances equal to and greater than performances of triple- and quad-pane windows. Explore our exceptional product lines by Performance Series or by Style.

The H3 is Sierra Pacific’s mid-priced window. Recently named “The most innovative window of the year.” It features advanced energy efficiency and superior quality. With its inventive Fusion Technology™, the H3 integrates three components, (extruded aluminum, vinyl, and solid wood) into one perfect window

Professional Grade Doors

Professional Grade Doors – We set out on a journey to develop a new fiberglass entry door and it expanded into a complete philosophy of creating unrivaled efficiency in home building products. We call this new way of thinking enVision. The first creation using the enVision philosophy is Embarq – the doorway to innovation and energy efficiency.


Velux Skylights