Advanced Fusion Technology replacement windows by Hurd

Billings Windows and Doors

When we introduced our mid-priced H3 window, Window & Door magazine gave it the Crystal Achievement Award for innovation.  Since then, we’ve made it even better. It’s now the most successful product we’ve ever introduced.


Billings Windows and Door CompanyAdvanced Fusion Technology ™.

The H3 integrates three perfect materials–extruded aluminum, vinyl and solid wood–into one perfect window. This Advanced Fusion Technology results in improved energy efficiency & performance, noticeably enhanced aesthetics, an extreme seal, and easier installation.

Our installation secret: time is money.

The H3 isn’t just remarkably advanced. It’s also remarkably easy to install and finish. A rigid nailing fin is integral to H3 windows.

  • Greater structural integrity, an improved water barrier and the virtual elimination of racking problems.
  • Innovative snap-lock design means no unsightly screws or fasteners on the interior and few nail holes to fill.
  • The bottom line: you save time. And time is money.

If you’re looking for replacement windows in Billings, these are some of the best you can buy and install for your home.  They are an affordable option for those that don’t want to go ultra-high end, but want something that is better than the cheap windows you get at the big box store.  Come see us at our show room on the West End of Billings to learn more about great windows by Hurd!