Bubble Skylight Replacement in Billings, Montana

Bubble Skylight Replacement in Billings, MT

Bubble skylights, sometimes called dome skylights or curb skylights, are those that have glass that “bubbles” up from the roof.  Unlike a traditional window where the glass is flat or flush with the frame, these jut out.  While they serve a great purpose, and allow for superior water tightness, the older versions do have some problems.  If you’re in need of bubble skylight replacement in Billings, you’ve come to the right place!

We also specialize in increasing the hail resistance of your skylights.  Make sure to ask for laminated glass from your contractors!  This is required for all skylights above 8′ from finished floor.  Here in Billings, we have a lot of hail storms.  Not only is it required for many skylights (how many have you seen that are actually less than 8 feet from the floor?), it’s just a smart thing to do!  Protect your investment, and when you’re looking for bubble skylight replacement, opt for the laminated glass.

We know that heat rises.  That means near the ceiling is going to be much warmer than it is near the floor.  During the warm summer months, the house heats up, but then we cool dramatically at night.  Solar venting, that is skylights that open, is a great way to quickly cool the house.  Passively Cooling your home is a great easy way to cool your home. The Velux Solar Skylight even has a function where it will shut when it is raining!  Less worry for you, better efficiency for your home.

Skylight replacement, whether traditional, tubular, or bubble skylight replacement, by Montana Window & Door (we now go by 406 Window Company) is easy.  Call us today at 406-656-9091 and we will get you taken care of.  Of course, you can always stop in to our showroom, we’re located near Albertsons on Rehberg and Grand.