How I Became a Magical House

Birth of a Billings Home

I was built (or “born” in human terms) in a nice neighborhood on the West End of Billings in the mid-nineties. Over the years, several families have brawled and blossomed under my protection. I am a house—the kind people live in—and recently I acquired some new people. A new family, to be more specific. Curtis and Darcey Frewin and their six children came to reside within my walls shortly before the hail storm of May 2016.

As all houses know, protecting families is not an easy job; and truth be told, even before the hail storm, the years had taken quite the toll on my once-beautiful siding, my elegant windows, and my strong roof. My insides, too, though still safe and sound, were noticeably less than they had once been. I remember feeling somewhat self-conscious the first time Darcey (the new mom) walked through my rooms. I could tell she had designs on me. She saw that I could be more than I was then, but I don’t think either of us dared to dream that one day she would make me shine brighter and look better than the day I got my first family all those years ago.

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How To Choose New Windows

What Is a Window?

A window is a window, right? Glass, frame. Lets light in, keeps weather out. All true points. But don’t be misled by superficial commonalities. The Dollar Store sells sunglasses, but you probably wouldn’t trade your Ray Bans for a pair of Dollar Store specials.

Or take shoes as another example. Walmart sells shoes. Some of them look fairly legit. But if you’re using them for much more than weekend lounging, you may soon have cause to reevaluate your purchase. The question is: how many pairs will you buy before you learn your lesson? One? Two? Three, if you’re someone who prefers several inexpensive replacements to one spendier purchase? Read more

Why Air Infiltration Matters

According to ENERGY STAR, air leakage accounts for 25% to 40% of the energy used for heating and cooling in a typical American home.* What is Air Infiltration? Air infiltration refers to air leakage through unsealed joints in a structure and around the windows. A leaky home allows unwanted cold air to seap indoors during the winter and warm air in during the summer. The ability of a window to retain heat by reducing air leakage through gaps in or around the window is tested to a national standard and described by its Air Infiltration value and is typically given in cfm/ft² (cubic feet of air per minute/square footage of the window). The lower the Air Infiltration, the less air there is leaking in or out. A common replacement window has an Air Infiltration value of approximately 0.3 cfm/ft2. What are the Air Infiltration Benefits? To understand how air infiltration performance affects energy consumption and energy costs, consider the results of the following computer simulation designed to illustrate the impact of air infiltration and R-value on energy consumption in a multi-family home. A typical multi-family home was modeled with three types of windows. The first model represented the existing energy use of the building with single pane, low R-value, high air infiltration windows. Such windows are common to this building type. The second scenario modeled the same multi-family home with high R-value windows (comparable to Alpen Windows R-value) but without the benefit of improved air infiltration. The third model represented the home with Alpen Windows that feature the combination of both high R-value and low air infiltration. Each home simulation was placed in three cities and focused specifically on heating energy. The graph below depicts the natural gas consumption of each simulation. Read more

Mckinley and Broadwater Elementary Windows

School District 2, Thank you for trusting us as your window supplier for your Historical Renovation!  See the Link Below!

Historic Renovations at Mckinley and Broadwater school — in Billings, Montana.


Alpen HPP Named one of 2015 Colorado Companies to Watch Winner

Alpen High Performance Products Named one of 2015 Colorado Companies to Watch Winner


Niwot, CO – Alpen High Performance Products announced today that it has been named a Colorado Company to Watch, acknowledging the drive, excellence and influence of Alpen High Performance Products as a thriving and growing company in the state. Colorado Companies to Watch honors second stage companies that develop valuable products and services, create quality jobs, enrich communities, and create new industries throughout Colorado.

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