Sliding Glass Patio Doors

406 Window Company has an assortment of sliding glass patio doors.

Any shape or size we can build you one!  Shown below are the three most popular options for sliding glass doors, but they are not the only options around!  If you have a unique space, we can custom make the right door that will fit your home perfectly.

Offered in Vinyl, Wood/Clad, and Fiberglass!

where to buy a sliding patio door in Billings

Single Sliding Patio Door

Triple wide sliding patio doors for the Billings, MT market

Triple Unit with Single Sliding Patio Door

Bi Parting patio doors for an open feel in Billings Montana

Bi-Parting 4-wide Patio Door

Billings is uniquely situated in Montana so that we don’t get the incredibly harsh winters much of the rest of the state gets.  It also means that we get to enjoy an extended patio season!  To make the most of your patio, you need an easy way to get out onto it.  Our sliding patio doors are just the thing to open up your space, and let you enjoy the Montana sunshine.