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The Best True Fiberglass Windows in Billings, MT

If you're interested in fiberglass windows, you've probably heard the name Alpen. At their Colorado manufacturing plant, this company is taking the energy efficiency of windows to new heights. Offering double, triple, and quad-pane options, they're able to achieve an R-10 with their Zenith series. Alpen is the go-to window for Passive House enthusiasts, but is available to anyone concerned with keeping the climate of their home consistently comfy. 

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Who Is Alpen Windows?

In 1981 Robert Clarke wanted to see change in the world of windows. There were simply too many cheap products on the market that were little more than panes of glass. They acted as a window, but in the winter the cold came into the house right along with the sunlight. His dream: to create a window that wasn’t just a window--but rather a solution to the energy efficiency needs of a changing world.

For nearly 40 years, Alpen Windows has created craftsman quality windows that help to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 406 Window Company is proud to offer this lineup to our neighbors in Billings and beyond.  


One of the Greenest Choices Around

In today’s energy conscious world, we want to make sure that our homes aren’t being wasteful.  And a big area of energy loss is through old and outdated windows.  If you’re going to upgrade, why not upgrade with the best?

Using a variety of “green” techniques, Alpen Windows creates a window that is greener than most.  Not only are the manufacturing processes efficient and minimally impactful, the final product keeps out the cold better than most.  As they say, these windows are, “warm to the touch on a cold winter night.”

Here in Billings, we get a lot of cold winter nights.  Isn’t it worthwhile to have a comfortable home no matter what the weather’s like outside?


Alpen Windows are American-Made Windows

Our economy has gone global. But that means it is more important than ever to support those companies that are based in the US, manufacture in the US, and provide jobs to the US. Alpen Windows is one of those companies that are doing it right.

As a local window and door company in Billings, we love supporting other local businesses. Our goal is to provide you with the best, while supporting our fellow citizens as much as possible.


The Best Windows and Doors in Billings

When you’re looking around for windows and doors, you have a lot of options. Here at 406 Windows, we aim to provide stellar customer service as you shop for the best windows and doors in Billings. The end result is something you use and see every day as you enjoy the house of your dreams.