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If you've never heard of Sierra Pacific windows, today is your lucky day. The window company that dominates the west coast is now nationwide. Discover the window that is more than simply "viewed" to be the best. Enjoy the beauty and the light of the outdoors within the peace and quiet of your castle. With the wealth of options from Sierra pacific, you'll be sure to find a window product that meets your needs.

Who is Sierra Pacific windows?

Sierra Pacific Windows is part of a larger group: Sierra Pacific Industries. With modest roots on the West Coast, they have expanded by following the mantra of their founder Red Emmerson. He created a culture where nothing but the best is acceptable by saying, “Don’t pass on bad product.” What he meant, of course, is that bad product should never be passed on to the customer; only the best is good enough!

Those cultural beginnings have led to an industry that not only creates top-of-the-line windows, but sustainably manages the land where they work. The company owns 1.9 million acres of timberland in California and Washington. They plant the trees, cultivate them to full grown, harvest them (using the “waste” as fuel to create energy), and use the lumber to build exemplary windows. When one tree is cut, another is planted in its place.

Why Choose Sierra Pacific Windows?

The windows crafted by Sierra Pacific are set apart by their longevity and performance.  Going over and above the industry standard for similar windows, these simply hold up better to hail storms, and last longer than many others on the market today.

406 Window Company offers the Best Windows and Doors in Billings

For the past 125 years this company has been creating products worthy of the best homes around the world.  406 Windows is proud to be a Billings window and door company that offers Sierra Pacific Windows as part of our line-up.  Our goal is to provide you with only the best options so that you can build, remodel, or revamp your house into the perfect home.

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Window Series

All Wood

All wood Windows from 406 Window Co.

Simple, elegant, and a bit nostalgic with factory-finished, attached brickmold.  

H3 Series

Extruded Aluminum Clad windows with Vinyl Thermal Break and wood interior.

Hi-tech meets mid-priced. Wood interior, aluminum exterior, with a vinyl thermal break. 

Aspen 2.0

Extruded Aluminum Windows with All wood interior. 75 Exterior Colors, Alder, Pine, Doug Fir.

Bold and beautiful. Stained wood interior with anodized extruded aluminum brickmold. 

Door Series

Sliding Patio Doors

Smooth Sliding Sierra Pacific Patio Door

Elegant, Smooth Sliding Patio Doors with unlimited options, sliding screen and premium multipoint hardware.

Swinging Patio Doors


Full glass doors with Multipoint hardware and an incredible air-tight seal. 

Lift and Slide Stacking Doors

Sierra Pacific Lift & Slide Door Systems install and operate so smoothly a child could operate.

Wide opening door system, open up your wall to incredible widths and heights.

Bifolding Doors

Bifolding Door, Accordian Door.

Open up your wall to the extreme or close  to have full glass floor to ceiling with an excellent air tight seal.