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There will always be those little extras, ways to treat yourself to the best technology has to offer. Skylights are one of those ways. They'll brighten your rooms, and freshen the air your family breathes. Velux has mastered the art of skylights and know your preferences. The sensors and solar panels operate the skylights according to your preferences in response to changing weather conditions. 

Why Choose Velux Windows?

When you find your specialty niche, you go all in.  You perfect your craft and you make the best of the best.  That’s what Velux has done.  They are the leader in roof windows and skylights!

For over 75 years this company has done one thing: intensely focusing on creating the best, highest quality, most efficient, daylighting windows around.

406 Window Co. Your Skylight and Roof Window Provider in Billings, MT

Here at 406 Window Co. we are dedicated to bringing you the best products around.  That means we carry Velux windows.  With Velux Skylights, Roof Windows, and Sun Tunnels, your home is well lit and you ultimately feel better inside.

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What’s a Daylighting Window?


When you think of windows for your home, you probably think of the large pieces of glass on the side of the house that allow you to see outside.  But many homes have windows on top.  While they’re great for seeing the blue sky and clouds drift by, that’s not their intended purpose.  There is just one reason for these upward facing windows: to bring the natural light indoors.  It’s done with three different styles.

Skylights –  Skylights are designed to be large windows that let in a lot of light into the room.  They’re generally up high where you can’t see out of them.  Most will open to allow ventilation at the top of the house, and many are designed to open and close automatically depending on the weather.

Roof Windows – Similar to skylights, the roof windows are a bit more functional.  They go in areas of the house where you can still treat them like a traditional window (that is, look out of them to see what’s going on outside), but they’re still level with the pitch of the roof.  Velux has designs that when they open, they create a small railed balcony.

Sun Tunnels – Sun tunnels perform the duty of the skylight in tight spaces.  These tubular skylights use a domed feature on the roof, and a mirrored tunnel to transport the bright sunlight into the home.  They’re great for those darker spaces in the home that need a little boost in light, but wouldn’t be served well with a light bulb.