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Bringing light into people's lives since 1995

Bringing light into people's lives since 1995

Bringing light into people's lives since 1995Bringing light into people's lives since 1995

The Innovators


Aluminum Clad Vinyl Windows Available In Billings

The "406 Design Series" lineup was created in response to the increased demands of quality, longevity and modern aesthetic.   The Design Series is a Hybrid  Window and Door Product.  Known as the "Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of Windows",  fuses the foundation of Extruded Aluminum Cladding with the value and efficiency of a Fused Vinyl Core.  The product is specifically engineered for the harsh elements of Montana.  The extruded aluminum cladding creates a bomb proof exterior and will make you wonder if this window is a High End Aluminum Wood Clad window or even Commercial storefront.  The Fused Vinyl core is a chassis for the Exterior and/or Interior Aluminum Cladding, which allows great thermal performance and a maintenance free future.  Take a look at the options available below.  When you are impressed, feel free to visit our showroom to feel the difference!

Frame Series

Design Arch, all aluminum window

Design Arch - Aluminum Clad Interior and Exterior

Modern aluminum windows boast thermally broken frames with continuous insulation providing excellent durability and efficiency.   The Design Arch Series delivers exceptional performance inside one of the sleekest profiles available.  Available in Casements and Awnings, and Sliding Patio doors, these will certainly impress.  

The innovation of this product, includes an Aluminum interior available in Black.  Typically, Black interior windows are executed with drywall returns for a sleek trimless detail.  We have included an option for a recessed frame for a caulkless execution.  The results are spectacular.


Design Series - Aluminum Clad Exterior/Vinyl Interior

Available in 8 Exterior Colors, the aluminum cladding sheds weather and creates stunning exterior lines.  The Vinyl interior is available in white or beige, allowing for a traditional or modern aesthetic.  The 406 Design Series is available in Sliding, Single Hungs, Casements, Awnings, and Sliding Patio Doors.

This Hybrid Window is available in double pane and triple pane glazing, and a gammant of Low-E coatings combinations.  Talk to a 406 Representative about the Glazing options that fit you and your home best!

design series window, aluminum clad vinyl

Mix and Match.

The Proprietary exterior is the same for the Design and Series and Design Arch.  Utilize the Design arch in the main living areas, and then use Design series in the bedrooms or basements as desired.  

Although Modern design has a clean crisp look, do not be afraid of using the different products in the same room!